8 tips on how to travel on the budget

  Ever since I remember I wanted to travel but due to my family’s financial situation I was never able to. Now as I earn money myself and I’m being responsible for budgeting myself I can finally make some of my dreams come true and go to the places I always wanted. This year I…

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FRUGAL MEAL:Egg and porridge oats omelette

We all have those days when we feel like we want to eat something sweet but our brain tells us: ‘think about those calories!’, ‘it is far more than fifteen syns girl’, ‘this half an hour on treadmill is going to be wasted if you’ll eat it’! BUT… you do not have to feel guilty…

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5 ways to save money without putting too much effort

  In this post I would like to prove you that saving money is not as challenging as it might seem at first glance. There is a general misconception that in order to save something, you need to deprive yourself of something else. BUT that is not always the case… 1.Create the budget I know;…

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