Eat on the budget 1 – free menu and shopping list to download



Weekly menu and shopping list banner

I always wish someone would tell me what to cook and what to buy exactly so I do not need to think about it too much! I always buy too much, and always forget to buy something even though it seems like I’ve got the PERFECT list.

As I have mentioned before on my Instagram @legallyfrugalbrunette, I hate wasting food. This is such a big problem worldwide and I definitely do not want to contribute towards it, hence I always try to create menu that will use all the ingredients I bought making it not only eco-friendly but also budget friendly. Talking about budget, I have compared all the current products prices between 4 major markets: Lidl, Aldi, Asda and Tesco to help you decide which shop will be cheapest for you!

Click here to access PDF table with prices and required budget.

To help food waste and make your life slightly easier, I have created weekly menu and shopping list to download for free. This menu presents dishes that will feed at least 2 adults but I am pretty positive that you can stretch it to 3 people. Also, some of the ingredients will easily make more servings than this menu offers, hence why I will incorporate them into next week’s menu. Also, condiments and spices are not included in the shopping list or price comparison and budget as I believe everyone has some at home already.  Over next week I will be posting particular meal and prep tips on my Instagram, so if you do not follow me there yet, please do so now.


I hope this weekly menu and shopping list will help you all. I am looking forward to your comments as to whether this is helpful for you as well ash you tips and tricks on how to save money and prevent food waste on a daily basis!


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