5 ways to spend Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank



February… time of the year when every shop is full of red hearts either on mugs, cards or in form of chocolates. Prosecco and strawberries is probably the number one beverage during this time of the year and perfume and aftershave sales go sky high almost as during the Christmas period. We all know why right? It’s Valentine’s Day time! Whether you celebrate this occasion or not, whether you’re single or in relationship, it is not easy at all to miss the madness that’s around this time of the year.

I have always been wondering why? Why people choose to celebrate their love on this specific day? Why would you need to give the person you love aftershave or new pair of shoes as a statement of your love? Why would £100 worth gift be best way to show someone the feelings you’ve got towards them? Each to their own as we say, but this post will be on my 5 ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

1. Cook him/her a dinner

If you know there is one dish they love so much but you don’t cook it very often, do it! In my case for instance, I love when my husband makes home-made pizza and I would be over the moon if he made one for me for our Valentine’s Day dinner as he does not make it very often as it is very time consuming (he makes base and his own recipe sauce from the scratch). Add some healthy pudding or even chocolate fondue with fruits and marsh mellows and voila!

2. Go for nice walk without any disruptions

How often do you spend quality time with your other half? In our case, it does not happen that often as there are always ‘more important’ things to do. They are not really more important but we feel like they are and all those things take priority over quality time that we spend together. Ditch the phones, forget online world and be present. Go for a walk to the place you were always thinking of going, have a conversation, enjoy those little things that you would not usually even notice – TOGETHER.

3. Dance

I know you may now think ‘what is she on about?’ But think about it, when was the last time you spontaneously danced with your other half? Lit some candles, turn on some romantic music and enjoy the moment who knows what is going to happen 😉

See my favourite songs for perfect Valentine’s Day night below.

4. Jar full of ‘favours and pleasant things’

This is free and original way of making your Valentine’s Day last all year round. Just prepare some little cards with some favour and things that you are willing to do for your other half and put them into some fancy jar. Then whenever he/she feels like having some special treatment from you, they will just pull one card out of the jar and you’ll make the particular thing/activity for them. Some examples could include: massage, cooking special dinner, cleaning his car, ironing his shirts for work (if you do not normally do it) and many, many more that adults do. Just use your imagination…

5. Write a love letter

Sometimes it is easier to write it down than say it face to face… Take some time and tell your other half about your feelings towards them, how do they make you feel and what best thing about them is. If you are the kind of person who struggles to talk openly about your feelings, this could be best way to express your emotions and make him or her feel special. I have done that for our wedding day and he said it was the most touching thing I have ever done, so it works I suppose.

As you can see, those are very simple and free or even low cost ideas to spend the Valentine’s Day. I personally believe that any day should be Valentine’s Day in any relationship but if you choose to celebrate your love on this specific date, stop for a second and think if this gift that you’re planning on buying him or her is really what your love is about? I feel like nowadays people spend so little quality time together in exchange for constant race for money or any other things, so this one day of the year could be an ideal opportunity to reflect on how your relationship looks like and how you can grow together.

Valentine’s Day dinner playlist:

Dean Lewis – Waves

John Newman – Out of my head

Kodaline – All I want

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

Labrinth – Jealous

Let me know what is your ideal way of spending Valentine’s Day ❤

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