10 creative ways of saving money


Getting into swing of saving money is difficult in consumption-ism era we all live in, however not impossible. Sometimes the smallest changes can bring big savings and inspire you to change your lifestyle and be proud that you do not try to keep up with Jones’s. Share this post if you feel that someone else will benefit from eat. Happy saving!

1. Skip some family events

Most of us attend the same boring family events that we do not really enjoy but we attend out of necessity. Usually we spend quite loads of money prior to attending like outfit, some gifts, transportation etc etc. Before we realise it can go as high as £100. Think about those events/ family gatherings that you truly hate and dreading to go… You do not need to please everyone as long as you’re happy!

2. Leave your cart full for few days before proceeding to check out online

Many, many times I did that and guess what? Never decided to go to check out, which saved me loads of money! If that happens to you, that means that you never needed those items.

3. Unplug your electrics that are not in use

Items like phone chargers or laptop charges using energy even when not in use. By unplugging them you’re saving money! Simple as that.

4. Find frugal buddy 

Try to find someone who will share your excitement about frugal living and will support you every day whether it is online or in real life. There are multiple frugal groups on Facebook or multiple frugal living accounts on Instagram where community help one another reaching their frugal goals. Check out my Instagram account @legallyfrugalbrunette for tips, tricks and support!

5. Find alternatives for your gym membership 

YT is everything nowadays and you do not need to go to the gym to get fit. Find out some fitness routines on YT and get fit for free. Make a best use of the good weather outside too and take your dogs for a run or long walk.

6. Pack your lunch

I LOVE this one very much! By packing your lunch you’ll not only reduce food waste by taking your dinner leftovers for lunch next day but also keep yourself fit by eating good quality homemade food. For some time now I use those glass containers as they are more eco-friendly and durable, also they are easy to clean and are not getting stained while having bolognese pasta in it, which is my ultimate fav! I’ve got plenty of lunch box friendly meal ideas, let me know if you’d like me to make a post about it.

7. Learn how to do manicure, pedicure and cut your hair

It is easier than you think! Again you can find many useful tutorials online. I do my manicure and pedicure myself. I invested £30 in my kit (£30 is one visit to the salon) and now I can enjoy having beautiful nails not the fraction of the price. If it comes to hair cutting, I very rarely do that but if I have to do so I do it myself too.

8. Charity shops and car boot sales is must

Make habit out of looking for items that you need in charity shops and car boot sales. Before I go to buy another jumper, I check all my favourite charity shops. Nothing brings more satisfaction than buying something you’ll love for £3!

9. Leftovers day

Pick one day, usually the day before you go shopping is be best, to clear out you fridge, freezer and pantry to create meals for entire day. This task will not only let you save money but also prevent potential waste of food!

10. Coupons, cash backs and freebies

Although here in the U.K. it is still not as popular as in U.S. make best use of what is available on the market. Bare in mind though that buying something that you do not really need but you have coupon or cash back offer for  is waste of money too, unless the offer makes the item free. Most popular coupon apps are Check Out Smart and Shopmium (use my referral code 2et52 to get free jar of Nutella!).

Share your favourite tip or trick in your money saving journey and do not forget to follow Legally Frugal Brunette on Instagram for more support and inspirations!

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