How to make £30 online within less than an hour?


CaptureI am true believer that nowadays everyone can make some extra cash completely online, without too much effort. Also, I am always looking to diversify my income from side hustles and grow my savings.

Few days ago, I found website called Oh My Dash and did not have a clue what it is all about but I decided to have a look and give this pinky website a chance. And how happy I am that I did! On my first day I have made £30 within an our, which is far more than what any survey company is paying. There is plenty of offers where you do not need to invest ANY money in as well as those offers were you might need to contribute some in order to get your cash back.

There is plenty of offers to choose from and best ones are lightning offers as after completion, the money becomes available to you within 24 hours, which is just amazing as you can get some extra cash just after Christmas when everyone is trying to cut on spendings!

By using my link to sign up to this website, you will get £2 as a welcome offer (sing up and then confirm your email) and I will also make commission if you complete the offers amounting to £10 so it is win win situation.

I have started with free trial of Which and Playster  offer as they pay £7 for each of them – crazy! You will need to input your debit/credit card details but you can cancel subscription any time – best if you cancel before free trail ends of course. I always set up reminder in my calendar to set up any free trials to avoid any unwanted charges.

After you sign up to any of those offers, just simply come back to the Oh My Dosh website to complete the tracking process and you should see the pop up saying ‘You did it’ 🙂 Please bear in mind that when I signed to Playster it took about an hour to track the progress, but the money has been credited to my account without any problem whatsoever.


This is how your transaction history will look like once you’ve completed some offers. 

You can cash up either by using BACS transfer or PayPal, it’s up to you. If you do not want to keep any of the subscriptions you have signed up for, set yourself reminder to cancel it before the time comes so you will not get charged!

Let me know if you have made any extra money with Oh My Dosh yet? And how do you like the concept of this website.



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