8 tips on how to travel on the budget



Ever since I remember I wanted to travel but due to my family’s financial situation I was never able to. Now as I earn money myself and I’m being responsible for budgeting myself I can finally make some of my dreams come true and go to the places I always wanted. This year I have been to quite few places: Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Cuba. I paid for all my trips in advance, making sure I have no debt after coming back home. There are some tips on how to travel on a budget:

1. Research is the key!

Starting with finding the flights to accommodation but also the cost of food and public transport in places that you’re travelling to. Plan your journey from the moment you leave home up to the moment you’re back home as sometimes cost of getting to the airport and back is quite significant and many people forget about it. Bare in mind that the cheapest airlines usually run their flights either early morning or late evening, and the airports are very often located on the outskirts of the city, which usually means taking a taxi or bus from and to the airport, which can prove costly. Always check if the public transport is available at the time you get to your destination as in many parts of the world public transport runs only up to certain hour and after that the only way to get to the city is by taxi. This is why it is so important to take it into consideration while planning your trip. Ryanair flight to Girona (Barcelona) is usually very cheap, however from the airport to the Barcelona is about 1,5 by bus!

2. Travelling on the budget means compromising!

Sometimes the only way of getting somewhere cheap is flying with the cheapest provider which not always means comfortable seats and great service but this is what you need to put up with in order to save some money. If you were to travel luxurious way you wouldn’t read this post, would you?

3. Compare prices

In terms of flights start of with the search engines/websites like Skyscanner so you know which airline you can fly with on the particular route but then go back to the certain airlines website as they sometimes sell the flights cheaper!

4. Do not forget to sign up for membership/ rewards programme with airlines

Sometimes you can get really good perks if you’re member of reward clubs. Seat upgrades, extra meal,  price discount, all that can be yours if you only sign up to membership programme, which usually does cost nothing.

5. Find accommodation that suits your needs

If you’re looking to sight-see all day long and only sleep in your accommodation then spending money on posh hotels doesn’t make sense, go for hostels! Hostels usually cost few pounds and you’ve got the option to choose between mixed dorm option, female dorm option or male only option. Moreover, depends on the price you would like to pay, you can choose how many bed you want to be in your room. Hostel is a great option if you want to pay little and meet people from all over the world. It might not be for everyone though… My favourite option in terms of accommodation is Airbnb as it is not only cheap option but also provides such a variety of places you can stay at that I do not even need to think about paying hefty sums for hotel rooms. From super cheap and basic accommodation to posh and luxurious apartments, Airbnb offers something for everyone. I have never ever had a problem while staying at Airbnb but before booking please double check the cancellation policy, just in case! If you sign up for Airbnb with my link, you’ll get £25 off your first trip. Give it a try! Just click the link to search through thousands of places. When you book a trip of £55 or more, I’ll get £15 in travel credit, too.

6. Cash backs and special offers

Never underestimate the value of cashback, discounts and any special offers you might find online. Getting even 10% cashback on your flight or 15% discount means extra pounds to spend at the place you’re going to!

7. Plan your trip

It  very much links with research, which I have mentioned before, in this point however, I mean planning your trip in terms of what you want to see, how much time you have and how you’ll be getting to certain places. When I travel, I like to prepare the itinerary so I know what I really want to see, where I want to eat (TripAdvisor is helpful everywhere you go), how much are the tickets for certain attractions, how to get them etc etc. Thanks to this kind of plan I not only save the time but also money since in many places you can buy the combined ticket  for few attraction at discounted price.

8. Travel light

Do you really need 2 pairs of heels while travelling  to Iceland? Will you wear all of your 10 T-shirts that you have packed for your 4 days trip? Check in luggage costs loads of money, especially while travelling  with cheap airline. The cost of check in luggage can be higher than ticket itself in some cases! Mad, isn’t it? Why not trying to pack and travel with hand luggage (usually 10 kg suitcase)? I have done it many times and I have never regretted since it not only saved me money but also time since I did not have to think too long on what to wear or wait for my luggage at the airport. We all know that story, don’t we?

Please let me know what are your tips and tricks in order to save money while travelling? Do you go for budget airline or rather more expensive one?

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