5 ways to save money without putting too much effort



In this post I would like to prove you that saving money is not as challenging as it might seem at first glance. There is a general misconception that in order to save something, you need to deprive yourself of something else. BUT that is not always the case…

1.Create the budget

I know; everybody is talking about it constantly but that is very much true. Without spending too much time and putting too much effort you will be able to see where you spend your money, what is necessary and what is compulsive buy. It is really eye opening task that will help you save money. First month I would highly recommend to get the excel spread sheet or pen and paper if you prefer and divide it into different categories. This way you’ll be able to see where is your money actually going. It will also let you identify the area that you can cut spending on as well as shows you the ones that you can potentially try to find replacement product that is possibly cheaper. You won’t realise how much you spending on this chocolate bars until you actually write it down 😉

2. Buy clothing , accessories, decorations out of season

Not sure how it is in other parts of the world, but here in the U.K. seasonal sales are must! Did you ever go mad just before Christmas and spent far too much money on decorations? I did! Until I realised that just day after Christmas you can get everything for pennies; including gift sets and all the Christmas sweets. It is exactly the same if it comes to clothes or accessories. If you need a coat, buy it in the spring/summer season, if you needs shorts get it on sale during the winter. The saving could be as much as 90%.

3. Do not waste

Starting with food through beauty products to your time. Just do not waste. If you have any food products that close to use by date, just freeze it or make some dish and then freeze it. Have you got foundation that is too dark? Well, we all do I guess. Tell you girlfriends, maybe someone would like to swap? Or maybe someone will want to buy it from you? If not, you can always post it on eBay or Vinted or any other selling websites. Do you feel like you have too much time? Do not waste it. Rather than lying on the sofa all day long, just try to do something productive. I know, I know: easier said than done but just try. Maybe rather than watching another episode of Suits (I’m guilty of that) take some online course. Who know maybe you’ll get inspired to take it further?

4. Educate yourself and DIY

Feeling like changing the colour of your living room walls? Great! but do it yourself. If you do not know how to do it turn on YT tutorial and educate yourself rather than calling for someone who will charge you probably a lot for doing something that you can easily do yourself.

5. Get rid of all shopping apps of your phone

I used to have many shopping adds on my phone: H&M, New Look, HoTUKDeals, Zalando… every time I had few spare minutes I would scroll and more often than not end up buying something. Usually I would regret this buy few days later. Since I deleted all those app I have noticed significant reduction in my compulsive buying. You should try too…

Let me know what you do in order to save money, share your ideas and maybe someone will get inspired by you!

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